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GIFT CERTIFICATE - Himalayan Salt Spa (45-minutes)

GIFT CERTIFICATE - Himalayan Salt Spa (45-minutes)


One 45-minute relaxation experience in our private Himalayan Salt Spa.


    Center the Mind in the only private Himalayan Salt Relaxation & Meditation Spa in Virginia Beach. Our custom-designed room is your own private oasis to rest in our heated massage chair while surrounded by beautifully carved Himalayan Pink Salt tiles.


    Use your time however you would like - mediatation, quiet mindfulness, reading, check your emails or take a nap. The time is yours to use however it will best serve you. All you have to do is breathe. The Himalayan salt will do the work.


    Time spent immersed in our Himalayan dry salt environment can help to cleanse and detox the lungs as well as invigorate the entire body. The ability to alternate periods of activity with times of quiet and calm is essential to short-term and long-term health and well-being.


    Add this Gift Certificate to your Cart. You provide us with the recipient's name and email address during Check Out. 


    We will deliver the Gift Certificate by email to the recipient's inbox.

    ** Be sure to specify the date you would like us to send the email. If no date is entered, the Gift Certificate will be sent immediately.**


    Instructions will welcome them to our studio and guide them as they select their favorite classes.  


    Download a printable version of the GIFT CERTIFICATE using the link provided on the Thank You page of Check Out. You will also receive an email with a downloadable link good for 30 days.


    Don't worry - you do not have to have a physical copy. We will have the permanent record of your purchase on file. A printed copy of the GIFT CERTIFICATE has no actual value; it is for your convenience in case you want to have something physical to give to the lucky recipient!


    The actual value of the GIFT CERTIFICATE does not expire and may be used to schedule the same service type at any time in the future. The Gift Certificate can not be used on a different service type. Refunds on Gift Certificate purchases are not available.

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