Yoga in studio followed by Sunset and Full Moonrise on the beach


Discover a balance between strength and flexibility, effort and surrender in this 75-minute Sunset - Full Moon Yoga practice. Hatha yoga is meant to create balance in the body and unite the opposites. Ha (meaning "sun") and Tha (meaning "moon"). We will draw on the energy of the Sun and the Moon as we begin with an invigorating, strengthening practice followed by a cooling Restorative practice. Class will be in the studio and is suitable for all levels of yoga experience. After class, deepen the feeling of centering and balance with a one-block stroll to the beach in time to watch the Sun set AND the Full Moon rise, both from the beach in Ocean Park along the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.* Each of these special yoga classes are scheduled on the evening of the Full Moon, so the view from the beach should be spectacular. * Be sure to bring a beach towel or chair to sit on at the beach and maybe a sweatshirt. Sunset/Moonrise Yoga dates and times: > Tuesday, June 14 7-8-15pm Sunset is at 8:24pm Full Strawberry Moonrise @ 9:08pm > Wednesday, July 13 7-8:15pm Sunset is at 8:23pm Full Buck Moonrise at 8:54pm > Thursday, August 11 6:45-7:45pm Sunset is at 7:59pm Full Sturgeon Moonrise at 8:16pm


Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens and you may not be able to make your scheduled session. To reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. We will gladly work with you to find another date/time for the same type of session that will work within your schedule. For Courses, we will gladly reschedule you into the next available Course series. There are no refunds. Purchases are non-transferable.