Have you ever felt that yoga was only for those who were already flexible and balanced? 

Well, guess what?

Yoga is about the journey 

Better sleep, posture, and balance along with relaxation, strength, flexibility and

a new level of self-awareness is what you will find along the way.

Located in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Virginia Beach, framed by the beautiful Pleasure House Point Natural Area on one side and the treasured Chesapeake Bay on the other, Pleasure House Point Yoga + Wellness seeks to exist in balance and harmony with the spaces around us. This includes living and learning from a space that is real, recognizing that balance and imbalance are part of the same practice, and inviting change and growth into our experience. Practicing yoga helps us find our best functional wellness and highest quality of life.


Our studio is designed around the idea of learning and movement and feeling better. We offer Yoga Classes as well as Courses to provide continuity of practice. The student can choose Courses that focus on overall well-being or on more specific areas of interest in the body or life.


 This might be a different model from what you have seen before and will possibly change with time, however, what will remain the same is the opportunity to practice yoga in a clean, healthy environment and the understanding that you can relax and enjoy your practice, feeling safe and confident.

Center the Mind ~ Strengthen the Body ~ Discover the PossibilitiesTM