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Joanne Lappin Parker, MPH, E-RYT
Owner and Instructor
Yoga Wellness Educator
Yoga for Golfers Certified Instructor

Joanne is a long-time yoga instructor and wellness educator, with decades of experience in designing programs to meet the wellness needs of individuals and the community — and she is Pleasure House Point Yoga + Wellness’ proud owner. Her mission is to guide people to tap into their most authentic self.


Joanne’s yoga philosophy is rooted in the belief that yoga is for every one of us, at every age and every stage of life. As such, her approach is to help students connect with their own yoga that can last a lifetime, discovering the true life-energy involved in yoga practice, honoring the Self, listening to and respecting the body. Yoga is not about not about creating "shapes" with the body. Yoga is about more than being strong or flexible. Yoga is about understanding WHY and HOW to create a safe and healthy practice, of moving energy through the body, and using the breath as a tool to keep the mind focused and present.  Like alchemy, this knowledge combines to create a new level of mindfulness in movement and results in growth in the body and mind that continues even after the student has left their mat. 


Joanne’s teaching style is relaxed and supportive, emphasizing alignment, encouraging students to observe and listen to their body, to move with self-compassion and a sense of exploration and HUMOR, building an awareness of anatomy and mindfulness of breath in order to discover their own strength and flexibility. She believes that a more sustainable, body-centered approach to yoga asana is the best way to cultivate the benefits that yoga has to offer throughout a lifetime.

She teaches classes that offer an accessible design to allow people to safely work through the physical practice while maintaining a lighthearted spirit. She invites students to connect with one another, smile, and find community through the exploration of movement, breath, and mind. She believes that every one can practice yoga regardless of age or condition when they begin; if a person is willing to have patience with their practice and listen to their body, the rest will come. 

Joanne has lived in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Virginia Beach for over 20 years with her husband, 2 teenage kids, and several fur-babies. When not at the studio, she enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, the mountains in the summer and sandy beaches in the winter, and most of all, time with friends and loved ones. Watching sunset from Sylvan Beach is a gift that she is grateful for every single day. She believes that authenticity and gratitude are essential to happiness and seeks these daily.


Located in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Virginia Beach, framed by the beautiful Pleasure House Point Natural Area on one side and the treasured Chesapeake Bay on the other, Pleasure House Point Yoga + Wellness seeks to exist in balance and harmony with the spaces around us. This includes living and learning from a space that is real, recognizing that balance and imbalance are part of the same practice, and inviting change and growth into our experience. Practicing yoga helps us find our best functional wellness and highest quality of life.

Center the Mind ~ Strengthen the Body ~ Discover the PossibilitiesTM

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