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Yoga by the Ocean



Pleasure House Point Yoga & Wellness offers Hatha-style yoga in our warm and inviting boutique studio located just steps from the beach in Ocean Park neighborhood of Virginia Beach. Focusing on small group and private yoga, we celebrate individuality, authenticity, and discovery of your own true Self. We are a healthy and safe space for exploration and growth. We emphasize safe, functional movement through proper alignment while building strength and flexibility with a spirit of lightness, curiosity, and acceptance.


We offer a variety of yoga Courses and Classes designed to encourage you to strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and explore and learn more about how you move. (Learn more about Courses and Classes here). We also serve as a space for enhancing overall wellness, whether it is through spending restorative time relaxing or meditating in our private heated Himalayan Salt Room, participating in one of our specialized wellness events or enjoying time together within a wellness-focused community. 


Here you can find better sleep, improved posture, balance, and increased concentration along with relaxation, strength, flexibility and a new level of self-awareness.  We believe in creating an authentic life ~ full of mindfulness, with intention and gratitude, and free of judgment. These fundamental beliefs inform and guide all of our teachings and practices.

PHP Yoga & Wellness offers a fast and seamless yoga and wellness experience. All registration and purchases are done here on our website. Learn more about online registration hereWhen you arrive at the studio you have nothing left to do but enjoy your experience in the soothing surroundings.


We focus on helping clients discover optimum life-long wellness through recognizing their own pure strength while providing the opportunity to create a better connection to self and community.

The studio has been carefully designed to evoke the feelings of the nature that surrounds us - tones of the Chesapeake Bay, sandy beaches, Maritime forest, and salty wetlands can be seen in subtle shades of blue, green, and brown throughout; natural light fills the studio; textures of seagrass and shiplap on the walls and original solid oak on the floors; all this and spacious vaulted ceilings combine to create a multi-sensory experience of calm and well-being.


At our core, we seek to help people live more effectively in their bodies, find a higher quality of life and embrace their own best self. Come explore and grow with us.

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